Desiring God

Desiring God: What does it mean? According to Jesus, to desire God is to seek first His kingdom and righteousness in all matters of life (Matt. 6:33), without worrying about what we may have to give up or depart from in the process. “God first” must be the theme by which we live; His will must be the priority of our lives. We should give God our best, not our least. If we aren’t putting Him first, then we really aren’t demonstrating what it means to be Godward. [Continue reading]

Bible Devotional based on Psalm 32:8

"Everything is going to be alright." How many times have you heard that line before and things didn't turn out right, but ended up getting worse instead? I suppose a better question to ask is, “Will everything turn out right?” Well, that all depends … [Continue reading]

Encouraging Bible Verses about Faith

Some people think of faith as blind. This is especially the case with skeptics who mock belief in God. While that may be their summary of faith, it is not biblical faith. Biblical faith is trust in God. And God, through His word, gives us good reason … [Continue reading]

8 Encouraging Bible Quotes about Love

Encouraging Bible Verses about Love

There is no greater book to look to than the Bible to discover what love is, no greater exposition of its meaning than the life of Christ. I see the Bible as God’s love letter to humanity. The more you open your heart to it, the more apparent God’s … [Continue reading]