Words of Love: Cherish the Moment Before It Slips Away

Sometimes we can take on so many personal tasks that we end up failing to tend to the weightier matters of life. We think we can handle the work only to discover that we’ve tried to squeeze something into space we really didn’t have, space that was meant to be occupied by something of greater importance, like family, for example. Words of love are left unspoken as the cares of the world sweep precious moments away that should have been spent with people who are dear to us.

Are you feeling what I’m saying?

Life brings many responsibilities; however, we need to make sure we don’t let our work keep us from loving the people who are most important to us. If you’re neglecting to spend quality time with your loved ones because you’re letting something of lesser importance get in the way, then perhaps you aren’t managing your time well. Or maybe you’ve taken on more than you can handle. Whatever the case, you need to be there for the people who love you; for these moments aren’t forever.

While bills and tasks will trail closely behind us throughout our lives on earth, loved ones won’t always be there. The time we have with them is fading, soon to become a fainted memory. We live as though that moment will be waiting for us tomorrow. But that familiar face we see today might not be there. Death can come at any point. It’s a tragic part of life we all must face; and it often ushers feelings of regret into our lives: If only I had spent more time with her. Oh, how I wish I didn’t work so much, but spent that time with him instead. How I wish I was there for my children when they needed me most…

Got the point?

Don’t put yourself in a place of remorse for neglecting to be there for your loved ones. Your work is undoubtedly important, but not as important as they are. Spend time with the people you love. Cherish the moment before it slips away.