Inspirational Sayings to Live By

Inspirational Sayings to live by: to encourage, edify, and motivate.

Perseverance is what happens when you go through a storm with the understanding that storms don’t last forever.

Purpose without passion is like a dictionary without words.

Love is colorblind.

There’s a fine line between doing what we’re meant to do, and doing what we think we should be doing with our lives. Only God can show us the way in which we should walk to fulfill what we are destined for. It is good to dream, but not all dreams are meant to come true. There comes a point when you have to stop dreaming about certain things, and do something practical with your life–to do what you are meant to do.

Don’t think of failure as an end, but as one step closer to success. For by failing you now know where not to step next. That’s called progress.

Spiteful people hurt themselves more than they hurt others.

God doesn’t give success to enable people to live large, but to equip them to give largely. Remember the poor and needy.

The more I grow in Christ, the more I realize how small I am. The burdens of the world are too heavy for me to bear. I can’t save the world; and frankly, it isn’t my purpose to do that. I’m simply called to be a light, not a pathway to salvation. So I must choose my battles wisely, and allow Jesus to be the Light of my life every step of the way, that I may go where I can shine most brightly for Him.

The measure to which we see God’s faithfulness is determined by how far we allow Him to turn our hearts to His Heart.

Perfection isn’t found in good looks or worldly success; it’s manifested in Christ. You may not be the most beautiful or handsome person, or the best at what you do; nevertheless, if you are in Christ, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Hopeful hands are helping hands.

Faith is asking God, and believing He can.

Praising God isn’t an activity confined to a church, but a way of life, whereby we live in God’s presence, and acknowledge His thoughts as higher than our own.

If God commands you to do something, it means it can be done. He doesn’t command what He doesn’t expect to see. To doubt God’s ability to change your life is to exercise greater faith in failing than confidence in a God who knows no failure.