Are you just a few hundred euros short at the end of the month? And can you not get a loan due to a negative BKR registration or the lack of a payslip? Then the mini loan is the solution for you. Read everything you need to know about applying for a mini loan safely and sensibly in this article. hsalliance.org has more notes

What is a mini loan?

What is a mini loan?

A mini loan is a loan that almost anyone in the Netherlands can get. You borrow a small amount to bridge a short time. After applying for the mini loan, it is often on your account the same day. It is an alternative to the personal loan or the revolving credit. If you have a negative BKR registration in your name. You don’t have a payslip to show, but you do have someone who wants to guarantee you. Whether or not you have a person who can stand as a guarantor, but does have a payslip to show, a mini loan is often the solution.

Borrow money without BKR testing

Borrow money without BKR testing

First of all we want to point out that a BKR registration does not necessarily mean something negative. You will only receive a negative BKR registration if you have payment arrears or a bankruptcy in your name. Is this not the case? Then you can opt for a personal loan or a revolving credit. And you don’t have to look for a lender who borrows without a BKR check.

Do you have a negative BKR registration in your name? Then it is fortunately still possible to borrow a sum of money. There are lenders in the Netherlands who borrow money without first doing a BKR test. That way you can also borrow money with a negative BKR registration. The loan for which you are eligible is the mini loan.

Borrow money without a payslip

To receive a mini loan, you often have to prove in another way that you can repay the amount within the stipulated period. For example, you can be asked about your payslip, which shows that you have sufficient income.
Do you not have a payslip to show and do you want to borrow without a payslip? Then designating a guarantor can be a good option to still get the loan. This is someone who guarantees your loan and will take on the debt if you do not pay off your loan on time.

Borrow money easily and quickly

Borrow money easily and quickly

It is very easy to take out a mini loan. There are three conditions that you must meet, that is all.

  1. You are 21 years or older
  2. You live in the Netherlands
  3. You have no benefits

A mini-loan is offered on many different websites. Choose a reliable lender with a reliable mini-loan. Two providers that are well known and reliable in the Netherlands are Bankate and Credither. With them you actually have the money in your account with one day. You do not have to deal with difficult procedures that you have to wait for. If you want to borrow money from another site, you can. Then check whether they are reliable and whether they are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.

Apply for a mini loan

Requesting a mini loan is child’s play. You can request a mini-loan easily and quickly online. There are various providers for these mini loans. The BKR does not supervise the provision of mini-loans. When you go to the site of the provider, you will see a screen where you indicate the amount you want to borrow. This varies from 100 euros to 1500 euros. You then choose the term in which you want to repay the loan. You enter your details and bank account number and then you have to wait until the amount is in your account. Thanks to the AVG law, your data is well protected and cannot be transferred to another party.

In the past, after applying for a mini loan, the amount was in your account within 10 minutes. Even if you took out the mini-loan for the first time. Nowadays this works differently. Requesting a mini loan is arranged within a few minutes.
However, it takes a little longer for the money to be in your account when you apply for a mini-loan for the first time. You must take into account a minimum processing time of approximately 24 hours. In many cases, however, you also have to pay extra for this.

There are a number of providers of mini loans. In the past the number was larger. Now the number is limited to a few providers. The most famous and reliable providers are Bankate and Credither. The conditions between the providers may differ, always read them carefully. Requesting a mini loan is always free of charge.

Take out a mini-loan

Take out a mini-loan

Taking out a mini loan is generally taking out a loan without hassle. There is no BKR test and the mini-loan can be provided particularly quickly. It is a money loan where it is even possible to have the money in your account within a few minutes. Certainly if you are already an existing customer with a certain provider. If you have already taken out a mini loan and you request a mini loan from this provider again, borrowing money within 10 minutes is even feasible. In the latter case, if you are already a customer of one of the providers of the mini loans, concluding a mini loan is really no hassle. It is not necessary to provide just one extra document. No paperwork and yet a loan.



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